Supervision services for equipment, steel structures and pipework installations

InstMan Oy provides industrial installation services and supervision services for industrial equipment, steel structures and pipework. Documentation, inspections and work supervision are essential elements in any project – both for the client and for the supplier. Professional supervision will safeguard the quality at the most critical moment in the process.

The presence of our experts during critical installation phases will ensure that everything takes place in compliance with the requirements, which can also save you time and money. Installation supervision is used to make sure that the start-up and fine tuning phases are conducted safely and free from problems, thus safeguarding the plant’s reliable operation and maximum availability.

“Installation supervision ensures safe and trouble-free operation and maximum usability.”

Mikko Lähteelä, CEO, Technical Director

With their expertise as the basis, our installation supervisors verify the installation quality, project schedule, documentation and technical details. Our personnel is thoroughly experienced in the supervision of projects and maintenance work.

The company’s expertise comprehensively covers various industries, from the mining and process industries to environmental technology.


Whether you need project-type supervision for a new plant during construction, investment in an existing plant, or maintenance work supervision during a maintenance shut-down, for example, we can provide you with professional supervision services in compliance with your needs.

We serve everywhere in Finland

Our clients are major Finnish and international companies in various industries. Whether the project is small or large, we always give our expertise to the project.

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CEO, Technical Director
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Project Manager
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